Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yoga, Yoga, Yoga...

Yesterday I took my first yoga class in probably five years.  I forgot how simple, yet very hard it can be. 
Obviously, I am a master at it...so what was I really worried about in the first place?

Ok, I confess...that's not me.  I am not quite there, yet.  Or maybe ever.  This is more my pace...

Within the first 10 minutes, I was sweating and breathing heavy and feeling very, VERY out of shape.  Then we calmed things down and did several different breathing exercises and by the time we finished with those, I was freezing!!  Seriously???  I didn't think it was possible to feel so drastically different in such a short amount of time.  But, that's yoga for you. 

I was relieved to discover that I could still do some of it...not very well, but I could do it none the less.  I just can't figure out why I stopped in the first place.  Aside from the expected soreness in my muscles, I feel great. Seriously, I felt great when I left the class and I feel great today.  Hopefully, I have reopened my eyes and can stick with it this time.  Namaste.

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