Friday, June 25, 2010

The Streamer Frock Grosgrain Giveaway

Is this not the most adorable dress you have ever seen? I mean, Seriously!!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dear Old Dad...

Father's Day is here and I thought it might be nice to take a minute and write a little something to the dads in my life...

Dear Daddy,

When I think back on all the memories of growing up, there are so many things I want to say. I just don't even know how to cover it all.  So, let's just get right into it...

Remember when I was learning to drive and you noticed a little scratch on the bumper of your Mercedes?  I guess it's finally time I come clean....Chris did it.  :)

Just kidding, I don't want to rehash all those memories (as I am sure you don't either).  Instead I wanted to write you an "I love that you are my daddy because..." letter.  So, here goes.

I love that you are my daddy because...

...even after you would yell at my brothers and me and then hand out punishments, you hugged me and said "I love you, kid."

...when I was in high school, you could carry on a 5 minute coherent conversation in your sleep and not remember it the next day. take pride in everything you do. learned to sign your curse words so you could communicate effectively with other drivers on the road. taught me never to end a sentence with a preposition. think you write legibly, even though you really don't.

...your favorite phrase is "Let me explain something to you..." {Slowly a crowd gathers with cocoa and popcorn as we all curl up for a long, LONG, LOOOOONG explanation about how life really works!}

...even though nobody else finds it amusing, you enjoy spelling words in the military alphabet. taught me to check my oil (even though I don't do it as often as I should, it's the thought that counts..right?). have the driest sense of humor of anyone I know.  And you always make me laugh.

...despite the fact that you try not to let people see it, you are crazy about your dog.

...while moving me to California, you were courteous enough to wake me up to see every Phillips 66 station from Kansas City to San Francisco.  Thanks Dad!!  I didn't really need to sleep!!

...while moving me to Reno, you were there by my side as we got ripped off in Winn-a-F-ing-mucca!

...while moving me home from Reno, you were calm and forgiving when I locked the keys in my car while it was running at 3 in the morning.

...when you found out my best friend got a speeding ticket in high school and hid it from her parents, you grounded her at our house to make sure she was punished. taught me that nothing good ever happens after midnight. can't pronounce Ocho, but it is so amusing to watch you try.

...when I was six and Grandma got mad at me for losing the ring she gave me while I was at gymnastics practice, you drove me back to the gym and helped me find it. are a problem solver.  When I was in junior high and we couldn't get the carbon monoxide detector to stop beeping (even after removing the batteries), you had the perfect solution! Open the freezer door and throw the detector in as hard as I can.  It worked! creatively and lovingly gave all my brothers the nickname of Numb Nuts and me the nickname of No Nuts.

...even though we both know you never got me a pony, a clown and a cotton candy machine for my 6th birthday party, you are convinced that if you just keep telling me it happened then eventually I will believe it to be true. 

(This is just a small list of the reasons, but here is the most important one) always made me feel special and loved.

Thanks for being such a great daddy!  I love you!  Happy Father's Day!

Love, Jenni (a.k.a. No Nuts)

Just one more letter...

Dear Grandpa,

Happy Father's Day! I am so blessed to have had you around when I was growing up.  I feel lucky that I get to experience the benefits of knowing you and I feel sorry for all my cousins who didn't live here and don't know you like I do.  You are such an amazing man and I just want to thank you for what you have taught me over the years.  Thank you for teaching me to be considerate of others.  I admire your ability to always consider everyone else above yourself and I try every day to mimic that.  Thank you for teaching me faith.  I have never known you to question your faith in God, but to always praise him and turn to him.  I admire your strength and because of that I strive to strengthen my faith every day.  Thank you for sharing knowledge with me.  You are the wisest person I know and yet always humble.  You have a thirst for knowledge that is never quenched and I am blessed to have inherited a small dose of that from you.  There are so many of your qualities that I admire and am thankful I was exposed to, but mostly I appreciate your courage.  You have always shown the courage to stand up for your beliefs, to stand up against those who are disrespectful to your friends and family, and to stand up for your country whenever it is necessary.  You are such a wonder grandfather and I thank God everyday that you are my grandfather.

Love, Jenni

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!  Seriously!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I believe...

Just wanted to take a quick minute and say what's on my mind.

I believe...

everything happens for a reason.

in never paying full price for anything.

shoes should always be optional.

the world would be a better place if we all viewed each other like we did when we were four.

it's not the government's place to tell me how much sugar I can eat in a day.

I could win the show Survivor if I had the guts to apply. (I know, I know, you are thinking "Seriously?" and I just want to say that I know that just because I believe it...doesn't make it true.  ;)


blue is the most beautiful color.

having brothers is better than having sisters. (this might be a little biased since I have 5 brothers and 0 sisters...and Yes! They always wear suspenders when they go fishing!! Seriously!)



dessert should always be eaten first!!