Sunday, January 9, 2011

A (delayed) New Years Resolution

I know, I know, I am little late in getting this post up.  Nine days into the new year and I still hadn't posted anything about my New Years Resolutions.  Well, I guess all I can say is...better late than never. Right?

This year I wanted to approach my list of resolutions a little differently.  Instead of focusing on the basic staples of my year to year resolutions (weight loss, organization, etc.), I wanted to challenge myself.

The basis of my resolution is that I want to try 5 new things this year.  I haven't come up with all 5 of them yet, but I have started the list:

1. Running; I am going to push myself to become a runner...and ultimately I would like to complete a half marathon before the year is over. (And maybe my legs will eventually look like that...)

2. Woodworking; I really want to challenge myself creatively with a new skill.  I bought myself a few new tools with some Christmas money, so I have no more excuses.

3. Website Design; I have been wanting to learn how to do website design for quite awhile now.  In fact I have been carrying a programming textbook around with me from time to time for at least a year.  Now it is time I actually learn it.

4. & 5. To be determined...I figure I have all year to decide what else I want to I will keep you posted.

I am hoping that since I have posted these for everyone to see that will help keep me motivated to follow thru with each one.  With that being said, I am off to go run on the treadmill...

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