Saturday, December 11, 2010

The first quilt I ever made...

Not only was this the first quilt I ever made, but to date it is the only quilt I have ever made. 

A friend of mine showed me a picture of a wall hanging similar to what I made and asked if I could make a quilt like it.  I took one look at the picture and said "Of course I can make a quilt like that! No problem."  Honestly, how hard can it be? 
Quilting is just sewing. 
Piece of cake, right?

Quilting is hard.

Plus, I didn't just pick your every-day-run-of-the-mill beginner's quilt to start with.  I picked this crazy color changing mosaic quilt with lots of tiny little squares to piece together.  And several color changes that I had to keep track of to make sure I was getting the right squares in the right places.

Now that I have it all finished, I am kind of happy that I never have to see it and I am kind of sad that I never get to see it.  But, most of all, I am just happy to have successfully accomplished it.  I can now say "Yes! I have made a quilt!"

And even though it would never win a prize or live up to the standards of a seasoned quilter, I am pretty impressed with myself.

I embroidered several butterflies around the center and the first color change area.  This inspiration came from the wall hanging my friend showed me. 

I also embroidered several trapunto butterfly designs throughout the entire quilt to keep it from shifting and give it some quilted effect since I wasn't going to quilt the entire thing.

All in all, I am pretty proud of the way it turned out.

Plus, I know it is getting some good use.
I saw it on my friend's bed last time I visited her, so I know it turned out to be a hit with her...and in the end that is really all that matters.

Happy Quilting to all you brave souls out there!

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