Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This is no longer your grandmother's ottoman...

I found this great ottoman at an estate sale for $6.  I love the shape of the legs and it is such a great height. 

Obviously, it needs a little help.  But, it definitely has potential.  I started to take the cushion apart and remove all the fabric so I could paint it and recover it.  This turned into a two day project.  As I really started to get into it, I discovered there were about 1000 upholstery tacks and 1000 staples holding the fabric on.  I got about half way through it the first day and I thought my hand was going to fall off.  I couldn't pull any more tacks out.  So, I walked away and took a break from the entire project.  The next day, I decided I wouldn't let this ottoman beat me.  So, I sat back down with my tools and finished removing the rest of the cover.

Finally I got them all out.  The cover was off and now it needed a whole new look. 

A little turquoise paint, a black and white print fabric and a staple gun...

How adorable is that?!?!
And all for $6!!

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