Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Aeropostale inspired sweatshirt, and a tutorial

I don't normally shop at fact I am not sure I had ever been in the store before this past Christmas.  However, I was lured into the store last year to shop for my twelve year old niece.  Apparently, the only clothes worth wearing are the ones sold at Aeropostale.  Anything else would be too embarrassing to be seen in public wearing. 

In my opinion, it isn't all that different from Old Navy...except for the prices are higher.  But, I did discover this really cute sweatshirt when I was there. 

When I say cute, I am talking about the method of design...not the actual design.  It might be hard to tell from this picture, but the applique fabric is frayed are weathered.  I wish I could find a better picture to show you, but trust me it was cute.  So, I decided to make one for myself.  Since I graduated from KU and it is almost time for March Madness, I designed a Rock Chalk Jayhawk sweatshirt.

Now it's your turn...

1. After designing your applique, cut it out in felt.  I used a Cricut to cut my design out of freezer paper and ironed it on to the felt.  If you don't have a Cricut you could print your design on paper, cut it out and trace it onto the felt.  (Be sure to trace the reverse of your design on the back side of the felt so you won't have any ink marks showing when you are finished.) Then cut the felt design out.

2. Once you have all the felt pieces, lay them right side down on top of your applique fabric and using them as stencils, trace the design onto the fabric.  Cut each letter/design out of the fabric.

3. Lay the felt pieces out on a piece of cardboard and cover with spray adhesive.

4.  Attach each fabric letter/design to each corresponding piece of felt.  Make sure to have all ink markings on the back side.

5. Lay your design out on the sweatshirt and pin each piece in place.  Carefully stitch each piece down making sure not to catch the back side of the sweatshirt. (If using letters in your design, stitch both the inside and outside seams of each letter...i.e. stitch around the inside circle and outside circle of the "O".)

6. Wear your new sweatshirt and enjoy all the compliments you will be getting!

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