Monday, April 4, 2011

Grab a Seat for Game Night!

I love to play board games, and I know I'm not alone here.  Everyone has their favorite.  Some of you may love Pictionary or Taboo or Monopoly, but my favorite has always been and always will be Trivial Pursuit.  Probably because I have a brother who is so annoyingly smart and good at this game and it has always been my life's mission to prove I can play this game on his level.  Imagine my excitement when I finally beat him, all on my own, for the very first time. 

But, I digress...

A few months ago I was inspired by a set of bar stools I saw at a local antique mall.  Every inch of these stools were covered with Monopoly money.  They were so adorable.  Unfortunately, I was not actually smart enough to take a picture.  Incidentally, I had a pair of bar stools I was in the midst of painting.  I decided these stools needed a little element of my favorite board game to dress them up.

Aren't these so much fun?

The only problem is the answers to all of these questions are on the backside of the card, so you can't check for the answers. 

Just talking about these makes me want to play the game!! 

I am so thrilled with how they turned out...hopefully they will inspire you too!

The DIY Show Off

Keeping It Simple

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