Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bookpage Rose Petal Wreath

I have seen several of these on different blogs and I have been in awe of how beautiful they are.  I really wanted to try making one just to see if I could do it....

...turns out I could do it!  But, it was a lot of work.  Several nights of cutting each flower out and then several more spent rolling the pages up into a flower and hot gluing them together.  I can't believe how much hot glue I used!! 
I don't think I made my roses quite like everyone else, but I like how they turned out anyway.

Once I had it finished, I was pretty excited about how it turned out.  Apparently, my mother agreed.  She kept dropping hints about wanting one.  So, I decided to oblige her and make one for Mothers Day.  I made her a larger version than my original and tied the hanging ribbon loosely around the wreath, so she could change it out if she wanted to use a different color.

I just love how these look...I will definitely be making another one very soon!

Beyond The Picket Fence


  1. It looks great! The one I made last year took forever too, but the compliments are worth it! :)

  2. Just beautiful! Thank you so much for linking up and hope to see you next Thursday!