Friday, June 17, 2011

A New Throne for Duchess

My wonderful, adorable dog Duchess has been using an old, worn, ripped hand me down dog pillow since I brought her home two years ago.  So, I figured it was time for a new pillow.  Something bright, fun and colorful. 

Adorable pink fabric with black and white poodles, trimmed with black and white hounds tooth covered rope and lime green sides.  I used home decor weight fabric since she easily rips through cotton.  Also, I was able to use the filler from her old pillow.  So, essentially this was a $0 cost project since I already had all the fabric and the rope.  Yeah!

Usually when I try to take her picture, she tries to smell the camera and I can never get a good shot.  But, she must have been feeling proud of her new pillow this day.  I couldn't have asked for better poses.  She gave me at least 10 different photos...I am gonna take that as a "Thanks for my new pillow!" from her.

Here are my two favorites:

Doesn't she look right at home on that new pillow?

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

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